The Trex Protect Story

As we traveled across North America promoting the Trex RainEscape® deck drainage system we encountered thousands of decks. That experience led us to realize that while homeowners want to expand their outdoor living space, there was an issue that was not being addressed.

When increasing their outdoor living space, homeowners are looking for low-maintenance products. As the longevity of deck boards has improved, the sub-structure has actually decreased in quality. Tens of thousands of decks each year are being replaced, not because the deck boards have failed, but the joists and beams of the substructure have failed.

We researched existing solutions and determined that we could offer an easier-to-work-with and more reliable product. We spent a year working with manufacturing chemists to formulate a material that would perform well under the harsh conditions that decking needs to withstand, and an adhesive that was equally up to the task.

The result of this effort is Trex Protect Joist and Beam Tape and its benefits:

  • Helps screws hold longer and stronger
  • Protects the joist from rot and mold
  • Eliminates splitting from freeze and thaw
  • Helps camouflage hidden fasteners

Trex Protect Packages