Why Trex Protect?

In our survey of deck builders, they told us that 98% of 8-10 year-old decks have splitting, rotting and decay. For the $8,000 to $10,000 price of the average deck, wouldn't it be wise to spend a few dollars to ensure the screws will hold longer and stronger, and the tops of the joists are protected from moisture? Get a materials estimate below!

No rotted decks

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Trex Protect with Screw

Trex Protect helps deck screws hold longer and stronger.

Trex Protect Seals Fasteners

Trex Protect seals deck fasteners and prevents moisture penetration.


Trex Protect acts as a barrier between wood and galvanized metal.


Trex Protect Tape has two widths making it convenient to apply to double beams and joists. Use 1-5/8” Joist Tape for joists and 3-1/8” Beam Tape on all double beams. To Use: Make sure joist surface is clean from loose debris. Pull off the release paper from the back of the tape and align so that the tape covers the top of the joist or beam.

Pull the release paper from the back of the tape.

Align and place the tape so it covers the top of your joist or beam.


Compress for the best adhesion.